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El Centinela | Portland, OR Jueves, 24 de Mayo de 2018
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Inicio : Life : Automotive 24 de Mayo de 2018

A Moving Experience Made Easier
America's military men and women can be ready for just about anything?even moving their families. ... More >>

Reasons To Clean Your Car
If any of the more than 260 million cars in America is yours, here's important advice: Keep it clean. ... More >>

Ten Tips For Drivers
There are 5.25 million driving accidents a year in the U.S.?but you can keep them from happening to you. ... More >>

Seeing Is Believing When It Comes To Road Safety
For safe driving, maintain vehicle wipers, lights, mirrors. ... More >>

Teen Driving Tips: Five Ways To Stay Sane
When your teen is officially licensed to operate a vehicle, you may feel simultaneously proud?and terrified. Following these five tips, however, can help. ... More >>

Spring Car Care Tips
Tips to get your car in tip-top shape. ... More >>

Your Brakes May Be Trying To Tell You Something
Knowing the key warning signs that your brakes may need maintenance will go a long way toward keeping you and others safe on the road. ... More >>

Create The Car Of Tomorrow To Win Prizes Today
A unique competition designed to help expose young artists to the various career opportunities in automotive design. ... More >>

Heed The Recall: Get Your FREE Airbag Repair
Your car dealer may be looking to give you a FREE airbag repair. ... More >>

America Is Seeing A Flood Of 'Flood Cars'
Don't let a flooded-out used car put a damper on your driving. ... More >>

Six Ways You Could Be Killing Your Car
Six things motorists do that can harm their cars and their wallets. ... More >>

U.S.-Made Parts Can Be Key To Positive Car Repair Experience
When someone works on your car, ask why the technician chose a specific brand of replacement parts. ... More >>

Prepare For Safe Winter Driving—Top Questions Answered By The Tire Specialists
Answers to common winter driving questions. ... More >>

Car Maintenance Tips For Holiday Road Trips
A basic care routine can maintain the value of your car and avoid road trip headaches. ... More >>

Avoid Surprise, Winterize
Prevent car trouble when the weather gets rough. ... More >>

URGENT—Your Vehicle May Have A Dangerous Air Bag!
A few simple steps can help you save your own life and the lives of your friends and family. ... More >>

14 Cars You Can Practically Drive Forever
American-made SUVs dominate in a study of vehicles proven to last at least 200,000 miles. ... More >>

Teach Teens Safe Driving Habits
Tips on helping keep teen drivers safe. ... More >>

It's A Myth That Only New-Car Dealers Can Service Vehicles Under Warranty
By law, independent repair shops as well as auto dealers can provide services to maintain your new-car warranty. ... More >>

How Innovations Make Work Easier, Adventures More Fun
Scientists and engineers have come up with some exciting technology for now and the near future. ... More >>

Three Reasons Not To File A Claim For That Fender Bender
Conditions and situations when you may not care to call the insurance company. ... More >>

Picking A Great Place To Work
Good news out of Washington, D.C. for people wanting a great job. ... More >>

When, Where, How And Why To Change Your Vehicle's Oil
Basic vehicle maintenance is an easy, inexpensive way to prolong the life of vehicles and avoid costly repairs down the road. ... More >>

How American Farmers Feed The World
Robotic and automotive advances help American farmers. ... More >>

Keep Your Kids On The Road To Safety
News about children and safety on the road. ... More >>

Dos And Don'ts To Help You Keep On Truckin'
Save time and money and treat yourself to an adventure. ... More >>

Vehicle Checklist For Car Pool Season
Five pointers on carpooling to keep you on the road to safety. ... More >>

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