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El Centinela | Portland, OR Jueves, 24 de Mayo de 2018
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Inicio : Life : Children 24 de Mayo de 2018

Four Big Reasons For Little Kids To See An Orthodontist
Although parents may assume that they must wait until a child has all of his or her permanent teeth before seeing an orthodontist, all children should get a checkup with an orthodontist no later than age 7. ... More >>

New Survey Finds Teen Acne Can Take The 'Self' Out Of Selfie
Teens today don't have to let acne get in the way of engaging with friends through a typical teenage activity. ... More >>

How Young Men Can Improve Their Futures
The road to a good education and career can begin with a single, simple step. ... More >>

What Parents Want
A new survey finds parents in a robust school choice state are more satisfied with their kids' education. ... More >>

University Of Phoenix Survey Suggests The Majority Of Parents May Be Unaware Of The Effects Of Cyberbullying On Their Children
Protect your kids from cyberbullying. ... More >>

Six Tips To Help You Manage Kids' Screen Time
Help your young students make the most of the online world while staying safe. ... More >>

Helping Kids Succeed
The next time you see kids going to their high school graduation, you're looking at money in the bank for all Americans. ... More >>

What To Expect When You're Expecting...A Teenager
Here's good news for parents and people who'd like to be parents: You don't have to be perfect. ... More >>

Looking To Develop Your Girl's Leadership Skills? Try Girl Scouts
If you're ever the parent or grandparent of a girl, recent research may provide some surprising but important information about learning in single-gender environments. ... More >>

Give The Gift Of Music For The Present Of A Lifetime
Make singing holiday songs extra special. ... More >>

Decoding Play: Why Variety Is Key To Raising Successful Kids
Providing a variety of toys helps kids build a full arsenal of crucial developmental skills. ... More >>

Pile on the produce and reduce chronic diseases. ... More >>

Tips On Choosing A Lice Treatment For Back-To-School
Parents today have a variety of over-the-counter options for treating lice. Here's a look at the three most common. ... More >>

Pregnancy Planning—An App For That
Many women keep track of their body's ability to have a baby with help from an ingenious app. ... More >>

Five Fun Ways To Welcome The Tooth Fairy
When it's time for the Tooth Fairy to visit your house, you can celebrate the occasion in some special ways. ... More >>

Helping Kids Achieve
Studies show reading 5 Pages A Day on paper improves memory and retention. ... More >>

Crispy Fruit Snacks In The Lunchbox Get An A+
A healthy lunch and nutritious snacks can keep kids happy and attentive throughout the school day. ... More >>

Keep Your Kids On The Road To Safety
News about children and safety on the road. ... More >>

Expert Tips For Parents To Help Their Children Declutter Their Digital Brand
Four tips for parents to help their children declutter and improve their online identity. ... More >>

Academic Success Could Involve Music To Your Ears
Children who learn music do better in school. ... More >>

How Teachers And Parents Can Work Together To Combat Summer Slide
Tips to help teachers and parents motivate their students. ... More >>

How To Help Your Young Man Succeed
Kids earn higher grades, are more motivated and less likely to drop out when their families are involved in their education. ... More >>

Make Time For Quick Family Meals
Here's food for thought: Mealtime may be the best time for families to relax, reconnect and enjoy each other's company. ... More >>

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